Bike Parking:

  • May I reserve my spot days ahead of time?

    Unfortunately, you cannot reserve your spot ahead of the date you want to use your Nook Spots. To clarify, you may not reserve any spots before the day you’d like to use Nookhub. This is because we offer an on-demand service for our active cyclists in NYC.

  • How do I know when my parking time has start and end?

    You’ll receive notifications notifying you that your bike has been dropped off and picked up by your Nook Holder.

  • May I leave my belongings with my bike?

    You may leave your helmet and lock behind with your bike, but if you’d like to leave something else, you’d have to ask the Nook Holder.

  • How do I get to my Nook location or contact my Nook Holder after I make a reservation?

    Your parking confirmation message will be provided with the Nook Holder’s address, phone number, and other necessary information, to help you get to your destination.

  • What happens when I run out of Nook Spots while my bike is still in my parking spot?

    We will always send you a notification 3 hours before you finish all of your purchased Nook Spots. Our system will charge your card 1 Nook Spot for every day your bike is not picked up. Tip: If you know you can’t pick up your bike before you run out of your Nook Spots, you can simply “Get Nook Spots,” or purchase another Nook Spot layout to continue your parking period

  • Can I pick up my bike after the Nook Holder’s off hours?

    You may only pick up your bike during the Nook Holder’s running hours. Please be aware of their available hours, so you may pick up your bike.

  • What happens when I’m running late to my reserved Nook?

    While time may not always be on our side in the city, you should always aim to arrive ahead of time. Remember that you have a Nook Holder waiting for you at your reserved spot. You have 45 minutes to reach your reserved Nook. If you don’t arrive within 45 minutes, your reservation will expire.

    Tip: Book your reservation while you’re on your way to your Nook. This will allow you to make it to your destination within 45 minutes.

  • Will there be more parking locations around NYC in the future?

    Yes, we are constantly finding more safe bike parking for our users. If you have any preferences in your area, please let us know!