• What’s a “Nook” and what’s a “Nook Spot”?

    A Nook is an indoor bike parking spot found with trusted business owners (Nook Holders) we’ve acquired throughout NYC. Nook Spots, on the other hand, are points you purchase based on a layout plan that allow your to book a Nook or parking option.

    Note: In some contexts, we may refer to a “Nook” as a “Nook spot” aka a “parking spot.” If you’re confused by any wording, feel free to email us at [email protected]

  • What’s a Nook Holder?

    A Nook Holder is a business owner who will watch your bike. Currently, bike shop owners serve mainly as our Nook Holders. In the future, we plan on expanding our scope of Nook Holders.

  • Who will watch my bike?

    Business owners aka Nook Holders or their staff will be keeping your bike safe while you’re away in the city.

  • Why do all users need to verify their phone numbers to use the app?

    We want to confirm each Nook Holder and Cyclist’s identity when signing up for Nookhub.

  • Is a child’s bike considered 1 full bike?

    Yes, a child’s bike is considered 1 full bike.