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  • May I cancel my reservation on short notice?

    A Nook Holder is a business owner who will watch your bike. Currently, bike shop owners serve mainly as our Nook Holders. In the future, we plan on expanding our scope of Nook Holders.

  • May I cancel my reservation on short notice?
  • May I cancel my reservation on short notice?
  • May I cancel my reservation on short notice?
  • May I cancel my reservation on short notice?
  • What happened when I run out of Nook Spot while my bike still in parking?
  • May I cancel my reservation on short notice?
  • What happened when I run out of Nook Spot while my bike still in parking?

Bike Parking:

  • May I reserve my spot days ahead of time?

    Unfortunately, you cannot reserve your spot ahead of the date you want to use your Nook Spots. To clarify, you may not reserve any spots before the day you'd like to use Nookhub. This is because we offer an on-demand service for our active cyclists in NYC.

  • How do I know when my parking time has start and end?

    You'll receive notifications notifying you that your bike has been dropped off and picked up by your Nook Holder.

  • May I leave my belongings with my bike?

    You may leave your helmet and lock behind with your bike, but if you'd like to leave something else, you'd have to ask the Nook Holder.

  • How do I get to my Nook location or contact my Nook Holder after I make a reservation?

    Your parking confirmation message will be provided with the Nook Holder's address, phone number, and other necessary information, to help you get to your destination.

  • What happens when I run out of Nook Spots while my bike is still in my parking spot?

    We will always send you a notification 3 hours before you finish all of your purchased Nook Spots. Our system will charge your card 1 Nook Spot for every day your bike is not picked up. Tip: If you know you can't pick up your bike before you run out of your Nook Spots, you can simply "Get Nook Spots," or purchase another Nook Spot layout to continue your parking period

  • Can I pick up my bike after the Nook Holder's off hours?

    You may only pick up your bike during the Nook Holder's running hours. Please be aware of their available hours, so you may pick up your bike.

  • My parking location has closed, how come?

    Please check the time of the Nook's opening hours in your confirmation page.

  • Can I pick up my bike whenever I like?

    Yes, you may pick up your bike whenever you'd like because your reservation is up to 24 hours for each Nook Spot. This means you can pick up your bike after only 1 hour or up to 23 hours. So you have a ton of flexibility with your parking choices!

  • What happens when I'm running late to my reserved Nook?

    While time may not always be on our side in the city, you should always aim to arrive ahead of time. Remember that you have a Nook Holder waiting for you at your reserved spot. You have 45 minutes to reach your reserved Nook. If you don't arrive within 45 minutes, your reservation will expire.

    Tip: Book your reservation while you're on your way to your Nook. This will allow you to make it to your destination within 45 minutes.

  • Will there be more parking locations around NYC in the future?

    Yes, we are constantly finding more safe bike parking for our users. If you have any preferences in your area, please let us know!

Cancellation and Payment:

  • What kind of credit or debit card may I use in the app?

    Nookhub currently accepts Visa credit and debit cards. We will expand our reach very soon!

  • May I cancel my reservation on short notice?

    You can cancel your reservation within 30 minutes of booking your Nook Spot. If you wait any longer than 30 minutes, you will lose one Nook Spot. If you book multiple parking spots for multiple bikes, you will still lose one Nook Spot. For example, if you booked 3 Nook Spots and cancelled your reserved spots, then you would only lose 1 Nook Spot out of the 3 Nook Spots

  • If I book for a group of cyclists, and they cannot arrive in a timely manner, may I still receive a refund?

    For example, if you pay for four parking spots for multiple cyclists, and the first bike arrives, the other three cyclists have 90 minutes to arrive. Even if you -- an individual cyclist -- may arrive before the 30 minute cancellation mark, you will still not be able to receive a refund because you paid as a group for multiple parking spots. If the Nook Holder hasn't confirmed the other cyclist's arrival within 90 minutes after your booking, you will be charged one Nook Spot cancellation fee for every absent bike.

  • What if I want to book for more than one person, but I want to split the bill with a fellow cyclist?

    Unfortunately, this is not an option currently. We suggest you and your fellow cyclist download the app separately, and pay individually for your individual Nook Spots.

  • How will I learn about new parking locations in my area or the rest of NYC?

    We will notify you and other cyclists about new parking locations in your favorite areas via email. We promise to keep you updated in the near future!

  • Will I be notified of my favorite Nook Spot's availability?

    No, you will not receive specific notifications about your favorite Nook's availability because we provide that necessary information when you book your Nook.

  • May I recommend new Nook Holders to you?

    We are always looking for more Nook Holders, so we'd love to hear your suggestions! At the end of the day, we want to make sure we're serving different needs for NYCâs cyclists.

  • Would I have to book a new parking spot, even if I may drop off my bike twice in one day?

    Each Nook Spot can be used for as little as 30 minutes all the way up to 24 hours. This means as soon as you pick up your bike, you've used a Nook Spot. If you'd like to return to the same parking spot, you'll have to use another Nook Spot. Remember this tip: Nook Spots are not the equivalent of whole days.